Recycling Cell Phones

By: Kiwi Gadgets

There are few areas of technology which have advanced as quickly as cell phones. Thinking back to just a decade ago it's almost impossible to imagine that we would have smart phones today. When you think of the amount of tasks your smart phone is capable of. It reduces the need for several other devices to be carried. Not only do you have a phone but an Mp3 player, a hand held gaming console, a GPS navigator and access to the internet.


The one downside is though that as technology is advancing quickly it's difficult to keep pace without spending too much money. Cell phones that were the top of the range just 2-3 years ago are now becoming obsolete and almost worthless.You may struggle to sell you old cell phone for a small fraction of it's original value even if you can sell it at all. The demand just isn't there for obsolete cell phones. However there are companies which will buy your cell phone at a decent price before it becomes totally obsolete.


It's important to strike whilst the iron is hot though because even these firms will not want a phone which is too far gone and you phone will just end up sitting and gathering dust before you decide to throw it in the trash. This is such a waste.


Recycling cell phones has been around for awhile now and a few companies have sprung up which are willing to buy old handsets. For example the iPhone 3G 8GB is too old to play any of the latest games and Apples new operating system is very slow on the device.  When you purchase a brand new iPhone the old phone would likely go in the trash. You could take your chances selling it on an online auction site but there's always a chance someone will try and recover your data and attempt identity theft since you may have accessed your bank account, emails and many other services where security could be a problem.


It's much safer to recycle your phone with a reputable company who will pay you a fair price and there are many such companies which specialize in recycling cell phones. They will also pay for other ageing technology and as our landfills are getting increasingly full it really is a good idea to prevent your technology ending up adding to the world's problems.


Some good companies even take care of shipping of the product as well with pre-paid postage labels. All you have to do is put the item in a box, attach the label and wait for payment. And in these times where money is harder to come by it really helps a lot by cutting down the amount of money you waste by scrapping old technology when you replace it.


So if you have an ageing cell phone which is currently going unused don't just leave it gathering dust. Find a good company that will recycle your old phone and make some money back. Recycling cell phones is a great idea.

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